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Genre-bending works: favorites and recommendations

April 5, 2010

Last week, John DeNardo asked me to contribute to SF Signal’s Mind Meld feature, which entertains a single question with a group of genre luminaries each week. I’ve been enjoying the Mind Meld feature for a long time, so naturally I was beyond delighted to be asked to play–but what excited me even more was this week’s question: What are your favorite genre-bending works?

I’m all about genre bending. Actually rule-bending in general. Rules and definitions just make me think about what they’re designed to exclude.

But I digress, as usual. The point: I found this question so compelling that I began to talk to other people about it even before I wrote my post. Last weekend, at the book launch (actually the after-party) for Leona Wisoker’s fabulous Secrets of the Sands, the very knowledgeable cadre of fans and artists who had gathered to celebrate fielded a list of favorites that barely even overlapped mine. Though I’d intended to use their suggestions to augment my list for Mind Meld, I quickly realized John would have to give me control of the whole column to accommodate everything. So I answered his question, discussing a few of my favorite genre-bending works–and will share the responses of the luminaries who weighed in at Leona’s after-party here. Once the Mind Meld post goes live on SF Signal, I’ll link to it here.

And I’m adding the recommendations that spoke to me to my ever-growing TBR shelf on Goodreads.

Crowd favorites for genre-bending include:

Fred Saberhagen’s Dracula Series. It may be worth noting that what sprang to mind was the sixth of the series, but I have included the link to the series opening.

Mercedes Lackey/Roberta Gellis: This Scepter’d Isle

David Weber/Linda Evans: Hell’s Gate, also the first of a series.

Larry Niven/Steven Barnes: Dream Park–the first of a series.


Update: So many excellent ideas in the Mind Meld post. My to-read list has grown even longer. And when I came back here I realized I had typed “SF Site” rather than “SF Signal” in the original post.


I’ve fixed it, but I’ll be blushing about this ridiculous error for days. I am a great admirer of both sites and both editorial teams; I choose to blame post-launch fatigue for my error…but we all know that’s really no excuse.