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Silence or Violence: Logan, Suicide, and the Culture of Masculine Silence

March 31, 2016

Phil says it all.

Satyros Phil Brucato

Our friend Logan killed himself today. I wish we had known how badly he was hurting. We just spent most of this past weekend with him, and had no idea things were nearly this bad. If we had known, maybe we could have helped. But maybe not. These things don’t come from nowhere.

Logan MastersonLogan Masterson, author, friend, R.I.P.

It’s kind of a no-shit thing to say in hindsight that Logan had struggled with depression. Thing is, many people do, and never take their pain as far as this. It’s also kind of a no-shit statement to say that I wish I had known he was hurting so badly. And the problem is, he did what so many people – men especially – do: He played the Strong Silent Type until it killed him.

And when he finally did reach out, hours before the end, he got smacked in the face…

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I Still Believe in Small Press

September 23, 2013

Today over on Fantasy Book Cafe, Kristen graciously invited me to share some thoughts. I’ve gotten to know her a little, over the course of the past few months, through her participation in the lovely and heartfelt Mercury Retrograde Press Bloggy Love Project hosted by Darkcargo; and when she extended this invitation, I knew just what I wanted to share with her and her readers, even though it took me a while to condense sane words out of the cloud of thoughts and emotions that has been my professional life of late. Finally, I was able to express what I have wanted to say:

I still love small press. I’m head-over-heels for its possibilities, for its diversity, for the sheer insanity that could happen nowhere else. I may not be running such an operation much longer, but right now I can’t imagine living anywhere else as a writer. You can see why here.

Mischief 2.0

March 28, 2013

That’s right, this blog has a new name. It is only one aspect of a wild wave of changes rolling through around here. Stay tuned.

March 25, 2013

You’re welcome.

Michael J Holley - Writer

How to Compile a kindle ebook in scrivenerI’ve been sat like a lemon waiting for Scrivener to come out with an iPad app. This was going to change my world, so I waited. However, it turns out that I was waiting in vain because I can already add/edit my document on the iPad and then just sync it across. Ooh… fancy.

It’s dead easy and if you don’t believe me then just take a look at this from the nice people at Scrivener. (There’s a video at the bottom called Folder Sync) I’m going to run through a very quick step-by-step guide but watch the video if you run in to trouble.

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Sending us mail? Better hold off.

March 20, 2013

In a maneuver no one saw coming, the mailing center to which our USPS mail and packages are delivered quite suddenly shut its doors last week. This being the electronic age, we don’t stop by to pick up the mail daily; our first indication something was wrong came when UPS deliveries we were expecting started bouncing. At this point we have no knowledge of what might be locked away behind that closed door.

So, if you sent us something via USPS, UPS or Fedex recently, be advised that we have not received it. We’re working on getting our hands on those things, but it turns out there are layers of legal nonsense involved at this point. In the meantime, we’re shopping for a new mailing center, but we don’t have an address yet.

Email continues to work, thank goodness. All the email addresses you might need are on the site, here.

How my desk in the study really looks

November 18, 2012


Because last time I shared pictures, it was one of those days when the place was ready for company.

Come see me at MidSouthCon

March 23, 2012

I’ll be at MidSouthCon this weekend with Mercury Retrograde’s own Anna Branscome. This is always a fun con. We’ll be hanging out and taking in panels, and I’ll be sitting on a few panels myself. Here’s where you can find me:

Friday 8 PM Friday Night Book Club: Fantasy
Settle in w guests for a cozy chat about your favorite fantasy stories.

Friday 10 PM Diversity in Spec Fic

Saturday 10 PMThe Modes of Publication (Moderator)
Big house? Small press? Self-publish? How do you decide which option is best for you?

And from 4PM to 5PM Saturday I’ll be doing a book signing in the Pro Row. Stop by and chat!