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Social media: ur doin it rong

September 10, 2010

Today I opened up an email account I rarely use anymore–and discovered an email from someone in a critique group I left years ago. Oh, how nice, I thought. I wonder how she’s doing. And I opened it up–to discover spam.

The email wasn’t even addressed to me; rather, “Hi, friends”. And it comprised a newly-published-author version of that letter you hate to receive in Christmas cards: you know, the one in which you learn all about their accomplishments for the past year, or maybe longer if they haven’t bothered to spam you in a while.

The Playbook for Authors tells writers to Leverage Social Media to promote their books. I think social media is a fabulous way of keeping in touch, of getting to know your audience; but it’s not the same thing as advertising, and every person who ever made the mistake of giving you their email address did not “opt-in” to your newsletter list. If you want to learn how to use social media effectively, read Tara Hunt.

Treating friends and acquaintances as potential customers for your advertising campaign only alienates them–and that won’t make them want to buy your book.