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Panel Schedule for RavenCon

March 28, 2013

I’ve got my final panel schedule for RavenCon, and it’s packed full of cool conversations and events. If you’re not familiar with RavenCon, you should be: it’s one of the best cons on the East Coast, and it’s on my can’t-miss list. This year’s con will be held April 5-7, at the Holiday Inn Koger Center near Richmond, VA (as usual). Here’s a taste of what I’ll be doing:

Friday 4 PM–Another Galactic Empire

Why not republics, democracies and confederacies? Why do we assume that the future government is going to be some autocracy from the past? Is the Galactic Empire more romantic or just easier to write?

Friday 5 PM–Books Without Borders

Discussion of the various ways of publishing available today. Which is right for the beginning writer? And which should an author with publishing credits under his/her belt choose?

Saturday 1 PM–Potions, Poisons and Plots:
Inventive ways to kill a character

How to use science to get rid of those pesky protagonists.

Saturday 4 PM–Social Media for the Introvert

How to promote yourself and your work when you’re hopelessly shy and introverted.

Saturday 6 PM–Launch Party for Fires of the Desert by Leona Wisoker

Party! Book Four in the Children of the Desert series. Free food, coffee, tea, and door prizes!

Sunday 10 AM–Cross-Media Collaboration

Writers working with musicians working with artists working with builders working with filmmakers.

Sunday 11 AM–Naming Names, Titling Titles

Character names and story titles, what makes them memorable? What makes them work for the character or story? When they’re bad, what went wrong? How do you create a good one?

“A taste”, I say, because the panels are only half the fun of a convention. I’ll also be hanging out with friends old and new, listening to other panels, and generally having a blast. This year I’ll be part of a veritable Mercury Retrograde squad: Rachael Murasaki Ish, Jonah Knight, and Leona Wisoker will also be in attendance, as will our Mistress of eBook, Antimatter ePress founder Elizabeth Campbell. I hope you can join us there.

Heading out to PlayOnCon

July 28, 2011

I’m going to be at PlayOnCon in Birmingham, Alabama this weekend. I love these long summer cons! This one runs through Monday. I’ll be doing a wonderful assortment of panels and workshops and readings, as well as attending some programs on gaming (my new obsession). And, possibly most exciting to me, we’ll be playtesting the new, Tarot-based game the guys from Cliche Studio have created for my next novel, War-Lord of the Gods. If you’re within range of Birmingham, and you enjoy reading, writing, gaming or things Fae–

Did I mention the Faerie programming?

–you should definitely come out.

Here’s what I’ll be doing this weekend:

Breathing New Life into the Fae–6 pm Friday: A workshop on breaking free of the tired and cliche in Faerie-influenced stories by tapping into the wild, diverse, and under-used depth and breadth of the Faerie storytelling tradition.

Faerie Storytelling–9 pm Friday: A group reading with Mercury Retrograde Press authors of their faerie-influenced work. I’ll be bringing a sneak peek at War-Lord of the Gods.

Develop Your Story and World Through Games12 pm Saturday: A workshop on using games to create better, richer stories and deeper worlds. I’ll be bringing current work on my new Tarot-based game (developed by Cliche!) as a case study.

Writing Meetup–2 pm Saturday: This is hosted by the con, but it’s open to the public. You can attend whether you purchase a con membership or not. Come meet fellow writers! I’ll bring something to read as an ice-breaker. You can make that unnecessary.

New Realities for Writers–1 pm Sunday: A program on the choices available to writers in this rapidly-changing market. I am of the opinion that publishers can perform important services for readers and writers alike, but are no longer strictly necessary. Discuss.

Off the Radar Books–3 pm Sunday:Readers get together and discuss books they love that no one else seems to have heard of, so other readers can find out about new and wonderful things to read. Bring your list of undiscovered gems!

Heading out to ConCarolinas

June 2, 2011

Today I’m loading up the car for a trip to Charlotte, NC: for my first visit to ConCarolinas. This looks like it’s going to be tremendous fun! Very active Facebook group, a bunch of terrific guests and cool parties, and I get to sit in on some really cool panels. I’ll actually be moderating a couple of them.

Here are the panels I’m participating in:

How to Write a Sex Scene–Friday 11PM
This one will be hosted by Davey Beauchamp, so I know it’s going to be fantastic fun. Other members of the panel include Mason Lavin, Josiah W English, Jana Oliver, and Linda Walsh. Rose petals and scented candles optional…

Learning to Write–Saturday 3PM
I’m moderating this one. We’ll be talking with authors Rachel A. Aaron, Glenda C. Finkelstein, Bobby Nash, Carrie Ryan, Allen Wold, and Debra Killeen, which is a nice diverse group with a variety of backgrounds. I’m planning to allow plenty of time for audience Q&A, so join us here to get your answers questioned.

The Red Pen–Sunday 12PM
This is slated as a panel in which editors discuss what they look for in submissions and how they work. Teresa Bane is moderating, and she’s a fanstastic moderator, so I know this will be good. I’ll be sitting with Mason Lavin, Wendy S. Delmater, and Edward McKeown while Teresa exercises crowd control over the notorious opinionation (is that a word? It is now. How ironic to have this happen while I’m wearing my Editor hat.) of a group of editors.

The Future of Fantastic Fiction–Sunday 3PM
Once again I’m moderating, and sitting with another nicely-diverse group: Wendy S. Delmater, Rachel A. Aaron, and David B Wood. We’ll be discussing where the market may be taking genre fiction.

I’ll have a table in the Authors Alley; when I can’t be there, Mark will be. Sometimes he looks fierce, but he’s a big teddy bear, and he’s still new to the convention scene, so if you’re at the con, please stop by and smile at him. We’ll have books by all the Mercury Retrograde authors on hand.