I Still Believe in Small Press

Today over on Fantasy Book Cafe, Kristen graciously invited me to share some thoughts. I’ve gotten to know her a little, over the course of the past few months, through her participation in the lovely and heartfelt Mercury Retrograde Press Bloggy Love Project hosted by Darkcargo; and when she extended this invitation, I knew just what I wanted to share with her and her readers, even though it took me a while to condense sane words out of the cloud of thoughts and emotions that has been my professional life of late. Finally, I was able to express what I have wanted to say:

I still love small press. I’m head-over-heels for its possibilities, for its diversity, for the sheer insanity that could happen nowhere else. I may not be running such an operation much longer, but right now I can’t imagine living anywhere else as a writer. You can see why here.

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