The Shadow of the Sun Read-Along

The Shadow of the SunBeginning today, out in the wild places of the interwebs, a group of intrepid book bloggers is beginning an experiment so crazy it just might work: a Read-Along, or group reading, of The Shadow of the Sun.

This escapade is part of a planned series of read-alongs of Mercury Retrograde Press books, and I am delighted and humbled by their interest in our work–and unreasonably excited about the planned conversations. Participating bloggers include:

A Dab of Darkness
Coffee, Cookies, and Chili Peppers
Just Book Reading
Little Red Reviewer

What is a read-along, you ask? And how can I play? In short, a read-along is a sort of online book club that operates primarily on the blogs of people interested in participating. They seem to be most fun if you have a blog of your own on which to post your thoughts, but a good time can still be had by stopping in to participating blogs and joining in the conversations there. More detailed information on the Mercury Retrograde read-along series is available here.

There will be a list of links to the various posts in the read-along available on the Mercury Retrograde site, here, and we’re going to try to keep up with the read-along and all its various links as it evolves. It should be noted that this is the first read-along most of us have been party to, and we’re feeling our way through it. But if we come up with a better way of keeping interested readers informed, that information will be posted on the same page as well. So that page is probably the place to check in.

This particular read-along is being led by nrlymrtl, host of the Dab of Darkness blog. Here is the

Planned Read-Along Schedule

April 1st: Chapters 1-7
April 8th: Chapters 8-15
April 15th: Chapters 16-21
April 22nd: Chapters 22-28
April 29th: Chapters 29-END

Don’t have a copy of the book? Not to worry. For the duration of the Read-Along, you can download your free eBook here.

nrlymrtl is a master of spinning interesting questions–and she’s instituted the extra-juicy addition of a question specifically directed at me in each of her weekly lists. This should be a great conversation. See you around the blogs!

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