Panel Schedule for RavenCon

I’ve got my final panel schedule for RavenCon, and it’s packed full of cool conversations and events. If you’re not familiar with RavenCon, you should be: it’s one of the best cons on the East Coast, and it’s on my can’t-miss list. This year’s con will be held April 5-7, at the Holiday Inn Koger Center near Richmond, VA (as usual). Here’s a taste of what I’ll be doing:

Friday 4 PM–Another Galactic Empire

Why not republics, democracies and confederacies? Why do we assume that the future government is going to be some autocracy from the past? Is the Galactic Empire more romantic or just easier to write?

Friday 5 PM–Books Without Borders

Discussion of the various ways of publishing available today. Which is right for the beginning writer? And which should an author with publishing credits under his/her belt choose?

Saturday 1 PM–Potions, Poisons and Plots:
Inventive ways to kill a character

How to use science to get rid of those pesky protagonists.

Saturday 4 PM–Social Media for the Introvert

How to promote yourself and your work when you’re hopelessly shy and introverted.

Saturday 6 PM–Launch Party for Fires of the Desert by Leona Wisoker

Party! Book Four in the Children of the Desert series. Free food, coffee, tea, and door prizes!

Sunday 10 AM–Cross-Media Collaboration

Writers working with musicians working with artists working with builders working with filmmakers.

Sunday 11 AM–Naming Names, Titling Titles

Character names and story titles, what makes them memorable? What makes them work for the character or story? When they’re bad, what went wrong? How do you create a good one?

“A taste”, I say, because the panels are only half the fun of a convention. I’ll also be hanging out with friends old and new, listening to other panels, and generally having a blast. This year I’ll be part of a veritable Mercury Retrograde squad: Rachael Murasaki Ish, Jonah Knight, and Leona Wisoker will also be in attendance, as will our Mistress of eBook, Antimatter ePress founder Elizabeth Campbell. I hope you can join us there.

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