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Sad Unreviewed Book is Sad

October 27, 2011

Remember when reviewing books on Amazon was the Next Big Thing and all the cool kids were doing it? It was so exciting to be able to publicly express your opinion on a book and know that hundreds or even dozens of other readers would take your opinion into account. Then everybody else in the interwebs got into the act, and reviewing became…well, less exciting. There were just so many other places to put our opinions and so very many lolcats.

Sad Unreviewed Book is Sad
The result? Books like my The Shadow of the Sun, which has sold nicely, is in hundreds of libraries worldwide, is up for the Compton Crook–and has only one review by a troglodyte. Seriously, go look. The reviewer didn’t even read the book.

I can tolerate it when a reader just doesn’t like my work. My work isn’t for everyone. Hey, I even kept my chin up after Publishers Weekly hit me with that right cross. But people who not only form but publicize opinions based on their own neuroses…that bugs me.

But I digress, as usual.

Here’s my point, buried in paragraph 5 (also as usual): Reviews still matter. You know that; every time you look at a book on Amazon, you also check out the reviews. We all do. And Shadow has no useful reviews, which is of no help whatsoever to prospective readers. Please, if you have read the book, whether you think it was the greatest contribution to fantasy literature ever or believe no evil like that should ever be perpetrated on the reading public again, please stop by and leave a few lines of opinionation on the Amazon sales page.

Please. Don’t let someone who formed an opinion on the basis of the back cover copy have the last word.