Theme Music

Today on the Darkcargo blog, Nrlymrtl observes,

“Some scenes just deserve a sound track. I don’t care where you find them; whether it’s on the big screen or in a many-thumbed favorite novel, or an emotion-invoking short tale. Some scenes are easy to match to music, no matter what ilk they take, like ball room dances (think string quartets) and sunsets (sweeping voiceless G-rated tunes). Yet  some of my favorite reads, and indeed some specific characters, have their own sound tracts.”

She goes on to list some of the music she matches with her favorite books and characters, from a fan’s perspective. It made me wonder what songs the writers among us linked to their own works.

What music goes with your characters and scenes?

btw, be sure to stop by Darkcargo and weigh in on your fangirl/fanboy music match-ups.

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