Interview and sneak preview on Darkcargo

Today on the Darkcargo blog, nrlymrtl and I did a Q&A on The Shadow of the Sun. She asked some stunningly penetrating questions, mostly about the philosophy and craft behind the work. I found the interview amazing on two levels: the questions she asked led us to discussions from which readers who enjoyed the work might get new levels of insight into their own reading; but people interested in writing craft in general rather than this work in specific might also find new ideas to take home. I had a great time dialoguing with her, and I appreciate the depth of thought that went into her questions more than I can say.

Also, at their request, I passed along an excerpt from the second volume of the Way of the Gods series, War-Lord of the Gods, which the Darkcargo editors included at the end of the post. All you really need to know about that excerpt is that Ellion is having his worst day yet, and that’s saying something. 🙂

It’s all typical Darkcargo: so much more than we expect from review blogs. Stop by and check it out!

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