Darkcargo Blog’s review of The Shadow of the Sun

Happy dancing! It made my whole week to read this review of The Shadow of the Sun by Darkcargo’s Elizabeth Campbell Nrlymrtl*. She says,

“This was one of those few books a year that would roll around my head during the day when I was not reading it, chomping at the bit to get back to it. The plot and the characters kept my mind and imagination engaged and I could not always guess where the story would take me.”

The most exciting thing for me was seeing how she, as a reader, picked up on the things I was doing with The Tain. I just adore that tale, and to have a reader recognize the story in the midst of a novel and process what its presence there means constitutes a flavor of writerly delight for which I lack words. Suffice it to say I am experiencing total, geekish glee, and I truly appreciate her taking the time to share her insights with her readers.


* Correction: This review was written not by Elizabeth, the Mistress of Darkcargo, but her associate Nrlymrtl. No, that’s not Nrlymrtl’s real name. It’s her Superhero Name. Thanks to Elizabeth for setting the record straight!

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