On blogging and microblogging

I have arrived here, after a long period of blogging delinquency, to type a  post that I’ll be writing in a few minutes. Once I opened up this blog, I was forced to confront how long I’m going between visits these days. I call myself a blogging delinquent, but it’s not really true: I microblog like crazy, on Facebook and to a certain extent on Twitter. Most of the time I find the short bursts of Facebook and Twitter  just the right size for what I want to say, frex:

Not quite sure how this next scene is going to play out. Grey and misty outside; hot tea on the desk. Looks like a great morning. #amwriting

Barbara Friend Ish finished a chapter and went “Wut??” this afternoon. What a great day. 🙂

Barbara Friend Ish now understands that this novel has changed so much in the rewriting that none of the Act 3 plot points will transfer to the new version without complete transmogrification. Not sure they will be the same plot points after that…

I find I feel that if I’m going to write a blog post, it must be a mini-essay, and must therefore have some sort of argument and point. On Facebook and Twitter I feel free to just toss off a thought without following it through. And friends, who are also on FB several times a day (yes, it’s true: the college kids may have invented FB, but it’s the post-college-and-employed who own it) will weigh in with one-sentence opinions as well. Facebook is, effortlessly, what blogs wish they were.

But this is not a paean to Facebook. This is a blog post, which means I’m making a point. Here it is:

At long last, I can articulate what these outlets have become for me, and what you, Constant Reader, should expect from them: if you want to keep up with me on a day-to-day basis, come friend me on Facebook. (Actually, you don’t have to friend me, as my profile is public, but it would be more fun if you did.) I will continue to update this blog, but mostly with things about which I do have enough to say that writing an essay seems worthwhile.

(But my blog posts perpetrate to my Facebook profile, so Facebook really is one-stop shopping.)

And if what you’re really after is updates on my publishing life, and my publishing-related rants, then the spaces you want to look at are the Mercury Retrograde Press blog and the Mercury Retrograde Press Facebook page.

But most of the fun is on my personal Facebook profile.

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