Premiering tomorrow: #russbooks

I have a Secret Stash.

Shortly before Russ Marshalek, the coolest kid at #BEA09, left Atlanta for The Big Apple (am I jealous? do I feel the bite of my Exile? nah.) he entrusted to me his Stash of Books Important Enough to Save.

Niall guards Russ's Stash of Books

Niall guards Russ's Stash of Books

I was very excited. Not as excited as I would be to return permanently to the Correct Side of the Mason-Dixon Line, you understand, but as excited as boxes of books on loan could make a book nerd. Russ is a man with Access to Books: as  Publicity Director for the ill-fated Wordsmiths Books in Decatur, GA (moment of silence) he received ARCs of all the up-and-coming forthcoming books from everybody who wanted to book an author tour. (These days, of course, he gets to go to #BEA09 and pick up free copies of everything everybody’s giving away–so I know he’s got something to read, despite the fact that I’ve got the Stash from the Past.) Meanwhile I’d been thinking that Mercury Retrograde has been under-utilizing the promotional opportunity that ARCs present, so I’d been looking forward to looking at other publishers’ ARCs and stealing their ideas learning from them.

It’s been a busy couple of months. I haven’t had time to dig into the Secret Stash of #russbooks. But I have very nearly completed what must be done for Mercury Retrograde’s forthcoming books for fall–and after Russ liveblogged BEA for Baby Got Books, I suddenly became inspired to liveblog my exploration of #russbooks. What does the Coolest Kid at BEA read? More to the point, which books has he found important enough to save & protect?

Protected by Demon Cat

Protected by Demon Cat

Surely I am not the only one who wants to know the answers to these questions.

Besides…one of the things in my Secret Stash is a box of personal items.

Russ's Personal Stuff

Russ's Personal Stuff

I will be unpacking a box per day, liveblogging the unfolding wonder on Twitter under the #russbooks hashtag. I’ll also be blogging the whole thing with pictures, right here, on a one-day lag. So set your favorite Twitter app to monitor #russbooks and play along.

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6 Comments on “Premiering tomorrow: #russbooks”

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  2. Alice Says:

    LOL. Russ didn’t leave us with anything near as cool as his books. Perhaps I should post dual comments on this blog while going through all the junk he left behind!
    “Today I found a somewhat useful half-used box of band-aid brand band-aids. Only the little sizes were left behind…” (hee hee hee)

  3. Oh! Win!!
    I think you definitely should…LOL

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  6. […] Back to the beginning of the #russbooks adventure […]

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