Sure as Mercury turns retrograde…

Sure as Mercury turns retrograde, I am summoned again to the study. Happiness! After almost 6 weeks of just putting my head down and getting things done in the office, I slunk into the study this morning and began writing. Just for an hour or two, but it was enough for today.

I’d stepped away at the beginning of April–to think for a few hours, because I knew the next paragraph I had to write would be of thematic importance going forward, and I wanted to make the right choices. I wanted to go back to the Tain Bo Cuilagne, the Irish myth-cycle that I had never even read before I discovered I was channeling it (a seredipitous discovery made sometime during Draft 3 of The Beast)–and remind myself of the finer points of the references I’d planned to make. Yeah, I know how self-conscious it sounds when I say it this way, but my muse likes to chew on stuff like that before he goes off to write something not-particularly-similar. Aaaaanyway, a few hours turned into a few days turned into a few weeks. Got some great stuff done in the office in the meantime–more on that, on the Mercury Retrograde blog, anon–but meanwhile the novel I’m supposed to deliver later this year was dead in the water, becalmed off the coast of Africa, and I was suffering the peculiar missing-limb sensation all writers get when they’re not writing.

Thank Mercury he turned retrograde. The tide pulled me back into the study. Much happier now.

But still I must go tell the world all about the stuff I’ve spent the last six weeks doing, over on the Mercury Retrograde blog. Follow along with me…

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