All writers report to Twitter. Now.

Hey, remember how you’d gotten that nagging feeling that twitter was somehow going to turn out to be worthwhile? Yeah, here it is:


Seriously. Go to twitter and read. Learn. Laugh. Cry. Maybe some of each.

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2 Comments on “All writers report to Twitter. Now.”

  1. Shoqua Says:

    Does that mean you’ll be posting more on Twitter soon?

  2. Barbara, Goddess of Champagne Says:

    🙂 Yeah…I’ve been a twitter delinquent lately. I’ve filled up my feed with interesting insightful *prolific* tweeps, and am having to revisit the way I use twitter. I’ve gone from the web interface to twhirl to–just installed, not yet optimized–tweetdeck, which anecdotal evidence suggests is what I need to be using. Now to integrate it into my daily routine in a way that doesn’t totally disrupt work- and thought-flow…

    Suggestions on this topic welcome, y’all..

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