Paging Alex…

Argh! This morning somebody named Alex called on the Be Mused line and left a voicemail–which the voicemail system, in a fit of insanity, destroyed before I could write down the phone number. To complicate matters, the mysterious Alex called from an unregistered number. I am assured by those in charge of such things that Turing himself could not recover that voicemail, no matter whose fault it is.

This is making me crazy. I will admit that I don’t always return calls as quickly as I’d like–but, dammit, I always do return them. Is Mercury retrograde again?

(I just checked: he’s getting ready. Full metrograde is scheduled for next Wednesday. Just in time for final file uploads for SHORN. Oh, shoot me now.)

Ahem. Alex, if you’re reading this, please call me again. The rest of you: please don’t choose the Destroy Message Immediately option on voicemail, no matter how security-conscious you are. I promise your personal information is safe with me.

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