You know you’re a Goth when…

First of all, full disclosure: no one has ever, to my knowledge, actually adorned my face with the trademark Goth “I’m dead” makeup. I do have a sort of unconquerable natural pallor, however.

Nevertheless I was forced to confront the inherent truth of Gothness last night: Russ Marshalek was his typical considerate self and sent me an invitation to Wordsmiths‘ Black-and-Red Prom event in honor of the release of Breaking Dawn. Naturally I’ll be attending.

Last night I was pondering what to wear; I’ve got a closet full of black, of course, though I do wear other colors, too. After a bit of consideration I came up with a choice that should work for both the event and the fact that it will take place in Atlanta in August. But then I wondered how I might go about *Gothing things up*: what did I have on hand that was really, really Goth?

It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize that I couldn’t figure out how to make my planned ensemble more Goth because practically everything I wear is already Goth. Goth is like the air to me.


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2 Comments on “You know you’re a Goth when…”

  1. Shoqua Says:

    I wanna go!!!!!

    Yeah, it took me awhile to figure out I was a “Goth” kid. I wasn’t doing anything but being me.

  2. Barbara, Goddess of Champagne Says:

    Hey, standard rules apply: You get yourself here, I’ll put you up. No question I can get you added to my head count…

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