The First-Ever Wild-Eyed Conspiracy Theory Award

I don’t know yet whether this will be an annual event. It remains to be seen what the people in charge of cooking up new theories manage to come up with over the course of the next year. But as you know I love conspiracy theories, and this one is too loopy to let pass unremarked:

The Jews Masterminded the Holocaust

At first I had the same thought you did: “er, yeah. Right. They can’t be serious.” But as a student of conspiracy theory I must say this one is sheer genius: it integrates the “Jews as the Master Puppeteers of the World” Theory into the events of the Holocaust without making the usual Newbie Conspiracy Error of attempting to deny all that eyewitness documentation. All in all, amazing work for Wild-Eyed Crazies.

So there you have this year’s winner of the Wild-Eyed Conspiracy Theory Award. I’d wonder what they were smoking, but…eh, it’s Hamas. We know what they’re smoking.


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