This has been a long time in coming

Today, I rock.
//insert happy dance here//

Maybe the planets have finally aligned
…well, actually, from what I understand, Saturn (who has been retrograde in Cancer for over 3 years) finally decided to put his boots on and get the hell out of there. (Like I needed more challenge in my home life…see-ya, Saturn! Looking forward to seeing you in Leo, moving in the CORRECT direction…)

Maybe I’ve been seeing the right therapist
…could be all the folks I played with at Opus in May… Wynette Hoffman, Carol Berg, Phil Brucato, Maggie Bonham, Jan Scott-Frazier — and did I mention Wynette?? — collectively and individually helped me re-find my missing groove. They sent me home ready to rock out, but of course only I could clear the stage…

Maybe it’s because Mark & I actually got off our asses and went out while it was cool enough to do our walk thing this morning…

But more than anything, I think, it’s because I just gave it all up to the muse today. I didn’t *care* about productivity; I hung out near the keyboard, reading, and when he decided he knew what the next paragraph, the next sentence, the next image was, I got out of his way. Next thing I knew, I’d forgotten the book I was reading (a nice change of pace: Xtian conspiracy theory. Grist for the mill…) existed.

Yeah, and I went out to the garden.

Do you care? Not nearly as much as I do. But next time I’m stuck, I can come back here and remember what I did right today:



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